Vanity of Vanities: My First Post for Catholic Orange

Vanity of vanities!  All is vanity. What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.


I begin by paraphrasing from Ecclesiastes so that there are at least some words of value in this first post.  The act of writing this post is vanity, as has been much of my pro-migrant social media work over the past six years.  The words here, not to be confused with the Word, are made all the more vane by the fact that I hope to write here not of wordly things, like U.S. immigration policy, but of the Highest of the High.

He/She/It is known the world over by many different names: Yahweh, Jah, and Allah, are just a few of the words that immediately come to mind.  I would also argue that the more secular words like Truth and Love describe certain aspects of God.

All of these are just words, though, feeble attempts at describing a universal and unifying Truth that escapes the comprehension of even the greatest human beings among us.  That a deeply flawed person such as myself dares even to choose to try and describe these concepts in my own words, in a public way no less, is worse than vanity, it might be among my worst sins.  Reader beware, my words are corrupt.

Lest I continue to pursue mirages of the mind with these lofty concepts, I’ll try and explain why I’m compelled to write this post through my own experience, a story, if you will.  The immediate reason I decided to create this blog is the definition of arrogance.  I was researching the Holy Rosary as I prepared for my daily prayers, (I’ve been trying to pray the Rosary daily for over a year, now) and I came across this sorry excuse for a website.  As a “social media expert” (whatever that means) trying to learn about Catholicism online has often felt like poking my eyes out with a burning stick.

What makes my reaction of starting up a new blog so arrogant is that I probably can’t do much better myself.  Six years of pro-migrant social media work, which I was sometimes paid for, has taught me how to use social media tools, but very little about how to make them or design them.  Still, if there’s anything the pro-migrant movement has taught me it’s that you learn by doing, not by reading, writing, or talking about it.  This, I hope, is the beginning of my attempt to relate how I came to aspire to know the Truth, to compile some of the resources that helped get me here, and to present them in a format that is easy to access for a new generation of digital consumers.

Blogs are what I know, writing is what I do, so I’ll start with this.

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